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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

How to Break root password in redhat/linux

system-root-passwordRoot account in linux is the supreme account holding all the privildges to manage and configure  your system.
Sometimes non-root users wish to login into the root account but doesn’t have the password or in times some bad users change the root password which disables root-user to login ,hence he need to change the password for his account  and setup a new password
Here are the all steps to change/break  password for root in linux even if previous password is not known:
Step 1:)
When the first  grub screen like the below snapshot appears  press ‘e’ on linux line entry:
linux grub screen
After preesing “e” in the previous step the snapshot similar to the below snapshot appears. Move to the line which contains the word ‘kernel’ and  press  ‘e’
kernel screen
Go to end of that line and after rhgb quiet write  1 as in the snapshot below…this means that you are setting your kernel to boot into single user mode also known as the maintenance mode.
third screen
Then press “enter ” and then  ‘b’ to boot the system into run level 1:
Now wait for the prompt and  write the following command :
#passwd root
maintenance mode
Now the password for root account has been changed and try login with the new account:

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