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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

How to enable anonymous uploads on ftp server in linux

ftp logoAnonymous FTP is the choice of Web sites that need to exchange files with numerous unknown remote users. Common uses include downloading software updates. anonymous FTP requires only a username of anonymous and your email address for the password. Once logged in to a VSFTPD server, you automatically have access to only the default anonymous FTP directory (/var/ftp in the case of VSFTPD) and all its subdirectories .You as an anonymous user may be able to download the files but not upload unless configured on your FTP server (VSFTPD server in this case).

Firstly you need to install vsftpd package :
#rpm –ivh vsftpd
If your system supports yum distribution then you can also install using.
#yum –y install vsftpd

Next we need to edit to vsftpd configuration file:
The main vsftpd configuration file is /etc/vsftpd/vsftpd.conf
Open the file using your favourite editor: I m using vim in this case:
# vim /etc/vsftpd/vsftpd.conf
Enable the following two lines:


Enable the following line and change whoever which is default enrty to root
Add the following line anywhere in the configuration file:
Save and exit
Next we need to create a directory where the anonymous user will upload the files and we need to change the permission and ownership of that directory.
# mkdir /var/ftp/incoming/
# chmod 773  /var/ftp/incoming/
#  chown root:daemon  /var/ftp/incoming
Restart the service
# service vsftpd restart
To enable it after the reboot
#chkconfig vsftpd on
After doing this step you can allow anonymous users to uploads file onto your ftp server.

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