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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

How To Set A Password For Grub At Boot Time in linux

1Grub is the linux default bootloader.
Setting up a password in grub is quite an easy task.you can set the password just at boot time to prevent anyone from logging into the system in any mode.
here is how to do it.
Enter the command line and type

you will be prompted to enter the password..after entering the password twice you will be provided with a encrypted value as shown below..
grub pass
copy this encrypted value.
now open the grub.conf file.
#vi /boot/grub/grub.conf
and enter the line
passwd   –md5    $1$Tqro5/$pkEbG8f4igg0oZRCoWznb1
where the above encrpted value is the one generated at the time when you entered the password.
also enter
at the end of the red hat container as shown in the figure below.
come out of the editor and then reboot.
#init 6
now at startup you will be asked for the password.
press ‘p’ for password.
and enter the password.

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