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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Interesting Things You Should Know About BING

bingMicrosoft unveiled its search engine Bing. The Bing unveiling can surely be termed as one of the biggest Microsoft launches of the recent times considering the huge stakes it has in the company’s success.There is so much hype on the net about the new search engine Bing by Microsoft on the net that almost every blog has been covering it. Though I doubt anyone can take over Googlejust like that.With Internet gaining importance in the technology landscape, it has become critical for Microsoft to come out with a formidable player which can challenge Google’s growing dominance in the space.

So here are some things you should know about BING.

The Bing can verify any IP address and can tell you the name of the websites hosted on a particular IP ADDRESS

. To do that simply type,
IP:[ IP Address ]
in the bing search box.

The search result will display the sites hosted on that IP address.
Example type:
and you will see sites hosted on this ip address.

2.Remove the background Image on the Bing site

If you are not one of those eye-candy freaks, you can remove the background image on the Bing homepage. Instead of typing bing.com, you can navigate to the site using the following URL,
3.Bing outstripped Yahoo! almost immediately after its launch to take the No. 2 search engine spot.
4.unlike Google, Bing is not a search engine. The software giant dubs Bing as a “decision” engine, rather than a search engine. According to Microsoft, Bing is not just another search engine, but a decision engine that will help people in making decisions.
5.Interestingly, Bing doesn’t return any result for one of the most searched terms from India: sex. However, if you tell the search engine that you’re from the USA, or any one of the European countries (users can easily change country without even logging in), and bing, several links are returned. If you say you are from China or an Arabian country, or Hong Kong or Singapore, again, no luck.
6.Bing offers several features that are not automatically available on Google such as instant excerpts that allow users to see the contents of a page without actually clicking on it and a sidebar detailing related searches.
7.Bing Video seems to have become an instant hit, courtesy its thumbnail video feature. Try searching for a video on Bing Video, once the results appear just hover your mouse over the one you are keen on. Yes, the video starts playing instantly.
8.Another not-so-talked about Bing feature is Save and Share. The feature not only saves your search history, but also allows a user to refine it. Users can delete searches, go back to them, and most importantly save and share them.
9.Everyday, Bing features a different background image.

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