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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Web Based Operating Systems:Take Your Desktop Inside Your Browser


rp_proEver wondered your desktop inside your browser.A full fledged operating system inside the browser.What if you could work with your files and documents anywhere around the world.A beautiful concept called web-based operating systems makes this possible.you just need to sign up and you are done,and just access the desktop anywhere.Below are some of the most popular web based operating systems.
A good place to start in your discovery of Web-based operating systems is eyeOS  , which is free, open source, and very easy to sign up for. There’s no need to install anything to use eyeOS. Simply sign up with a user name and password to create anaccount, and from that point forward, you have an operating system on the Web, accessible from any browser. eyeOS creates space on its servers to store your operating system settings and any files you create
This is how it looks

G.ho.st is in some ways even more full-featured and certainly more colourful – than eyeOS. After you sign up, for free, G.ho.st carves out an impressive 5 gigabytes of file storage on its servers for you, and it creates your very own G.ho.st Mail e-Mail account, with 3 gigabytes of storage. Like eyeOS, there’s nothing to install. Once you sign up, you’ll receive a confirmation e-Mail message. Click the activation link inside, and you’re ready to go

Desktop Two is a java-based Web operating system that’s the quickest of all to set up and get going. After a brief sign-up routine, the desktop loads, and you’re ready to start exploring. Desktop Two offers more applications that allow users to create their own presence on the Web than the other major Web operating systems. Along with a word processor and e-mail program, Desktop Two provides a Web site editor and a blogging programme
cmyos.com offers a free online operating system/desktop for all users through its open source collaborative network: cmynetworks. Through the open source community, cmyosworks to produce rich applications that are enhance the online experience of developersand browsers alike
cmy os
  • AstraNOS – Picture Windows 98. Then picture an OS X dock. Then picture a night sky. Then throw them all together. You now have a pretty good picture of AstraNOS.
  • BeDesk – Basic wrapper for other online tools
  • DoxBoard – Slick WebOS with some basic features
  • GCOE X – Nice WebOS with a powerful terminal and support for the iPhone
  • Glide – Online operating system with support for BlackBerry, Palm, Windows Mobile, Symbian and iPhone users
  • goowy – Great webtop with your own email account (@goowy.com), IM, 1GB of space (via Box.net), and much more
  • jooce – Slick invite-only online OS
  • mybooo – Invite-only webtop with a ton of features
  • myGoya – Nice WebOS with PIM features, a media player, and much more
  • OOS – Basic online operating system that offers a personal webpage
  • Parakey – Not much is known about Blake Ross’s newest invention, but we do know thatFacebook liked it enough to purchase it for an undisclosed sum
  • Psych Desktop – GPLed webtop with a powerful UNIX-like console
  • Purefect Desktop – Web desktop with a powerful IDE
  • SSOE – Flash-based webtop a lot of features
  • StartForce – Powerful WebOS with tons of apps and features makes the descendant ofOrca Desktop a hit
  • Xindesk – File sync, a powerful API, and much more are included in this great WebOS
  • Webdesk – This Indian webtop includes 1GB of space, POP3 client, PIM, and a nice modules API
  • Webdows – We don’t know how long it will take Microsoft to sue these guys, but it’s a real enjoyment in the meantime. It has XP and Vista styles (including a few Vista effects), FTP, file sharing, IM, and much more
  • Widgets Gadgets – AJAX desktop with tons of apps and a working API
  • YouOS – File sharing, powerful shell, and 700+ applications are all available with this wildly popular operating system
  • ZimDesk – Slick WebOS with tons of apps.

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